The Effects Of Technology Distraction

Technology Distraction – Overview Folks are programmed into relying on technology to repair problems and fix them immediately. Technology is ability that is great. So much so, technologies are occasionally a huge distraction for students. Technology keeps changing each day.

Twitter Accused of Helping ISIS

The suit claims that ISIS has used Twitter to entice new recruits and also to disseminate propaganda, which the website has “intentionally or with willful blindness” helped terrorists because of this. As Fast Company wrote lately, Twitter’s policy on hate

Are We Still People?

It isn’t enough to be shocked in the report by the Health Service Ombudsman to the care of old folks in Britain’s hospitals, which uncovered a large number of cases of patients who have been left starving, thirsty, unwashed, in

How Emojis Took Control of Our Lives

We have all seen and been amused by emojis for the taco, pizza, as well as the burger. However, how about the dumpling? A web-based movement pushing for the representation of “among the most worldwide cross cultural foods on the