The Myth of an Anti-social society

anti-social society

I like people. I don’t love them, but I can stand most of them, most of the time. But I am sick and tired of reports and studies, news and radio screaming technology has made us anti-social.

Has it?

Has it really?

Or maybe most people are self-centered and downright boring, while technology gives us a way to escape them? I’ll give my granddads credit. Perhaps they were more patient. Maybe they were able to listen to the obnoxious donkey next to them at the theater.

I can’t. I remember even as a kid I could open my phone in my pocket and turn on my ringing tone: “Can’t talk now, someone’s calling”.

The fact is we are not anti-social. We are global. And when you know about the tragedies around the world, neighbor’s bickering wife becomes a very trivial problem.

Technology gives us connection

That’s right. You saw me staring at my phone for 10 minutes straight? I may have been texting my cousin who’s lonely in a foreign country right now. Or texting my parents how much I love them. When was the last time you reach out to your loved ones?

Staring at your phone is not necessarily an anti-social behavior. Neither is having headphones in your ear throughout the day. Here, I’ll show you.

On a lighter note, technology also gives us freedom.

Nowadays you will often see people with headphones. It is not another sign of antisocial generation. We access to music, world news, millions of audio books. Why wouldn’t we use the great power we hold?

technology freedom

Besides, that’s the tempo of our lives. Either move aside or keep up.

Lastly, technology is fun. I’ll show you. Here is the link to my favorite site to play games. On my phone, I can do it ANYWHERE. Sure, listening to old folks at the bus stop complain about unfairness of the politicians may be all good and dandy, but I prefer having fun.

We are different. We have always been different. There are anti-social people now, and they have been there for millenniums. So, have interesting people.

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that I am not trying to defend anyone. Or attack, either. But at least in my case, if I’m with a genuinely interesting person, I will forget about my phone for the whole evening.