Twitter Accused of Helping ISIS


The suit claims that ISIS has used Twitter to entice new recruits and also to disseminate propaganda, which the website has “intentionally or with willful blindness” helped terrorists because of this.

As Fast Company wrote lately, Twitter’s policy on hate language controls content that supports violence or threats “to the grounds of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, or handicap.” But its rules are much less strict than that of Facebook, which intends to eliminate any content that qualifies as hate speech.

“While we consider the suit is without value, we’re greatly saddened to learn of the family’s awful loss,” Twitter said in a statement to Bloomberg.

“Without Twitter, the explosive increase of ISIS over the previous couple of years into the most-feared terrorist group on the planet wouldn’t happen to be possible,” the complaint reads.

Tamara Fields, who lives in Cape Coral, Florida, is requesting unspecified damages for her husband Lloyd “Carl” Fields Jr.’s departure in November.

“Violent risks as well as the promotion of terrorism deserve no location on Twitter and, like other social networks, our rules make that clear.”

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